Your brand is your identity and the impression on your customers.

We are the experts on presentation. At AddMasala, we understand your brand and your audience, and present it in a way that is understood by your customers. We couple our collective experience and knowledge about design, marketing and consumer behavior and use it to give the right face to your brand. We are a progressive thinking design studio that creates style that helps your brand find its audience and penetrates through the herd of competition to reach out to new customers and continue serving the existing ones.



Branding & Identity

Brand identity is how a business or an organization wants to be perceived by its customers and audience. Most often, there is a gap between what a company wants to convey and what its audience perceives, which creates a whole lot of problems.

With our expertise in designing, communication, consumer behavior, market research and marketing, you can be rest assured to present a cohesive and consistent brand identity on all platforms you are using to reach out to your customers. This means a lasting impression on your customers. Your customers will recognize you amidst competition and remember you the nest time they need your services.



Product Design

Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful. – Dieter Rams
Great design speaks for itself. There are probably hundreds of competitors present in the market today, fighting to grab the attention of your target audience. What will differentiate you from the rest is a great product design.

AddMasala can turn your visions into reality. We have years of experience of realizing peoples’ dreams about their products into competitive, coherent, intelligible and selling product designs. Customers will better understand your brand and become lifelong patrons.

Mobile App Design & Development

You want to remain constantly present for your customers’ needs? Mobile App is a great way to do that. At AddMasala, we are dedicated to creating a user experience that’s worthy of applaud every single time the user uses it.

From understanding the audience’s needs, to mapping out the app architecture to our creative direction and implementation, we produce exceptional looking and seamlessly functional designs that keep your customers engaged and return wanting for more.



Website Design & Development

Your website is the face of your brand and it needs to be impressive both is aesthetics and functionality if you want your customers to return for more business. AddMasala excels in Website Design and Development and has helped numerous business by crafting a unique web presence, innovative in design and futuristic in functionality.

Our team of web experts are at your disposal for turning your ideas into working reality that will please your customers and take your business organization to new heights.

Illustrations & 3D Visualization

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”
In a world, where time is the most precious resource, ideas need to be conveyed quickly and efficiently. Pictures, illustrations and 3D visualizations are the perfect method for it.

AddMasala understands the importance of this and delivers the perfect form to your ideas. Whether it’s a simple decoration or a complex idea, our team at AddMasala makes sure it’s delivered to the audience in perfect form, on the right platforms, resulting in completion of CTAs, sales targets and agendas.





We believe in completing our homework. We understand your vision and requirements from a project. We do our market research and make sure that no incorrect assumptions are formed prior to starting making decisions about user experience and creative direction. Research forms strong foundation and we love doing it.



We believe in building lasting impressions. No idea is ever effective if it fails to leave a lasting impression on its audience. We explore a variety of ideas and creative concepts, present these with visual examples for your feedback and start refining it based on your needs and market trends.


UX Design

“If it’s not simple and intuitive, it’s pointless.”
We work a great deal on understanding user behavior, market trends, brand value and audiences’ sentiments. We present raw UX designs to you by using flow charts and wireframes; and with your feedback and creative and technical expertise, your ideas take beautiful and highly functional shapes



We absolutely hate errors, bugs and minor glitches. We go at great lengths to avoid such mishaps by doing extensive prototyping. A very important step in designing any product is making sure that it feels right and works even better. We test all our designs by extensive prototyping.


User Testing

User feedback is the ultimate authority. In fact, user reviews and feedback is what defines the success or failure of an app. User testing allow us to see how actual users are interacting with the design to make sure that design delivers in the real world.


UI Design

This is where an identity is given to your product. This step in the whole process is where a homogenous amalgamation of all ideas, creative direction and market research happens; Styles, colors, and look and feel is defined for your product. This design is harmoniously projected across the entire process.

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