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YouTube has forever changed the face of the way we think and feel about videos. A major portion of the world’s population from all age groups in on YouTube. From funny videos, video advertisements, vlogs to affiliate marketing, almost everything is done on YouTube these days. YouTube is a great place to connect with businesses and audiences. Whether you are a solo artist, or a producer, or a young brand/business, or a majorly established corporation, having a professionally designed YouTube page can open doors to countless new opportunities.

Designing a YouTube page, and getting it right, is a tricky business. YouTube’s new layout changes the proportion and placing of the images according to device it’s being viewed upon – mobiles, tablets, PCs, SmartTVs. AddMasala has the right experience and creative and technical capability to design the right page for you. Every element on the page will reflect your brand’s unique identity and personality.

Place your order and start showcasing your content. You will get:

  • Custom designed main banner for YouTube fan-page
  • Custom designed profile picture for your YouTube fan-page
  • Mockup designs for your approval
  • High Resolution High Quality JPG files